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This is the official Website for "Oregon coast website design". I have been doing website's for clients on the Oregon Coast for quite some time now. I'm now merging my work and service to a couple of young eager web designers. Who have been living and running the Oregon coast for almost there whole life. Knowing the area and all aspects of website design. These two can help you create, maintain, and also optimize your website to work great for you and your clients while on the Oregon coast. They will also be able to place you better on google, bing, yahoo, and more.. They are currently doing website's for a allot of companies that are located on the Oregon coast. The two are currently working on a reliable solution for web development, services, and maintenance, for the Oregon coast business's. offering web hosting and domain control. Below you can check out there stories, website portfolios, and also there up coming venture with web hosting on the Oregon coast .


About this newly know group they call "thedclab". They just were recently index by google, yahoo, and bing. And is here to help business on the oregon coast achieve optimal placement on the web. Spealizeing in support for web hosting, website design, cpanel, email pop settings, and domain management. This business may seam new. But the owners are web design masters, also specializing in computer repair, networking, database management, SEO, word press and more. One has been self employed for eight years from word of mouth, working here on the Oregon coast doing computer repair.. They also offer webhosting, and domain control help, Click Here. For more info and prices on the lab.

The Website Designers

First he owns two business here on the Oregon coast. First one is a computer repair, called "Jimmy Rigged Computers". The second one is his website design business page. Witch he does acknowledged that it is out dated and needs to be updated if he ever gets the time. Jim has been doing anything that has to do with a computer since high school. He has lived on the Oregon coast for decades now and has been participating in actives involved with the Oregon coast community and surrounding areas. He specializing in placement on the internet and also unique styles coded from scratch he also can do word press, coffecup, or net fusion. But he prefers to use what the pros use Dreamweaver. He has also been know to merge different HTML code editors together. For a example check this out, Kiwanda Coastal Properties Witch is a great website that updates calendars, reviews, and more automatically. It is also a site that has been merged by three different HTML editors. To view his website click here.

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I have no placement on the net... And i started other job outlets. It wasn't till I saw what Jim and Silent B. were doing on the internet. I can not keep up with the code, styles and also security features it take to have a great web site. So I have figured it is time to give it up. I wanted to find some one who knows the area, and one who also can keep up to with the times. To put Jim up to the test I had him redo do a website for me on my way out. He came up with this one published, transferred and optimized in less than hour while he was over here visiting. I got to say he is good, will see how good he is where is he ends up on google, yahoo, and bing. I'm glad i have found a team of guys that can update and continuing help with my business and clients.

To all my friends, family, and clients. Thanks for sticking with me and i hope that, thedclab.com, deweys design, and website designs with Jimmy Rigged Computer. Can continue to keep Oregon coast website deign alive and complete satisfaction to you and your clients. I feel this is the best way and also the right way to help you out on your venture on the Oregon coast. If you like click on any of the following links to be redirected to there sites. And please tell them that official website of Oregon coast website design.com says hi. Jimmy Rigged Computers , Deweys Design , The DC Lab. Thanks again for the support and stopping by, oregoncoastwebsitedesgin.com